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Dynamic Cupping With Red Light Therapy

Accelerate your recovery with the power of age-old therapy & cutting-edge technology so you can train harder and perform like a champion.

Boosts Circulation
Relieves Tension
Reduces Inflammation
Fast Pain Relief

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Key Features

  • Dynamic cupping therapy with 5 different suction modes
  • Red light therapy to enhance treatment effectiveness
  • Portable design for home use, travel, office, and professional settings
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of use per charge
  • Adjustable suction power with 5 levels
  • Easy-to-use interface with buttons for power, mode selection, suction power, and red light control
  • 2-year warranty for peace of mind

What's Included

  • Aerify Cupper device
  • 1 regular size cup
  • 1 additional small cup with a curved surface for a better fit for neck and arms
  • Remote control
  • Hard shell case for protection and carrying
  • Safety lanyard
  • 3 extra cotton filters
  • User manual

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What is the Aerify Cupper?

It’s a revolutionary device that merges dynamic cupping & red light therapy for rapid recovery and cell regeneration.

The device gently pulls up a portion of the skin, stimulating blood flow and treating the area as a minor injury. The red light emits specific wavelengths & frequencies that heal and regenerate the skin while reducing inflammation in the body.

What Are The Main Benefits Of The Cupper?

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Reduces inflammation
Regenerates cells
Faster body recovery
Improves skin health

Choose From 5 Recovery Modes

Adjust the intensity of your session, depending on whether you are warming up or have just finished a hard workout.

Mode: 1 Rhythmic Massage Ideal for warm-up. It prepares the muscles and gets the blood flowing with a light massage.
Mode: 2 Wave Massage If your muscles are a bit tired and you want them to relax without too much intensity.
Mode: 3 Slow Power If you're familiar with cupping treatments and want a deep, focused suction.
Mode: 4 Fast Power Similar to Mode 3 but with more speed and force.
Mode: 5 Progressive Rhythmic Massage If you're looking for an intense massage experience, after an hard workout.

How Do We Compare?

Aerify Red Light Cupping

Engineered with next-generation technology, Aerify offers unmatched value and simplicity in use.

  • 2 Years Product Warranty
  • Medical-grade red light therapy
  • Professional-level suction power
  • Traditional cupper and curved cup
  • Includes carry case and remote control
Most Cupping Products

Often compromising on technology and user experience, other brands fall short of delivering true value.

  • 1 Year or less Product Warranty
  • Weak suction power
  • One cupping attachment
  • 6 or less Pressure Levels
  • No carry case or remote control

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aerify Cupper differ from traditional cupping?

Aerify Cupper combines dynamic suction with red light therapy, providing more effective treatment by enhancing blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

Who can benefit from using the Aerify Cupper?

Anyone looking to relieve muscle tension, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve overall well-being can benefit from using the Aerify Cupper.

Can I take my Aerify Cupper with me when I travel?

Yes, the Aerify Cupper is portable and comes with a hard shell case, making it easy to carry for travel.

How often can I use the Aerify Cupper for optimal results?

For best results, use daily, especially after physical activity or whenever you need muscle relief.